Recap: Monster Jam® Triple Threat Series™ at the Tacoma Dome

The Monster Jam Triple Threat Series hit the Tacoma Dome January 12th – 14th. I thought it was going to be loud with dirt flying everywhere (which it was), but I was prepared with my ear plugs. We had great seats right up front where we could see all the action!

During the event, my favorite truck was the Megalodon because…. well let’s be honest it looked like a shark.

(Photo Credit: Feld Motor Sports)

By the end of the event, my opinion had changed when Megalodon fell into second place because of the Grave Digger Truck. Grave Digger fell onto it’s side and got back up, but you would have to have seen it to believe it!

(Photo Credit: Feld Motor Sports)

I liked it when one of the monster trucks fell over and lit on fire! If I had to rate the event from a (1-5) I would rate it a 4.5. Monster Jam was a cool event, even though a girl won, but I also think that you should be at least over five years old to enjoy it! If you were younger than five, you would probably think that it was boring or too loud. The only thing about this event that I didn’t like was that the snow cones are impossible to eat and were too drippy!

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  1. Great review. Sounds like it was a fun and noisy event.

    Do keep in mind though that it is ok if a girl wins too!

    Girls also like monster trucks. Plus as you pointed out, a girl took first place so they also be really good monster truck drivers too 🙂

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