What’s Up NW had the opportunity to attend Elysian Brewing’s sixth and final installment of their Capitol Hill series releases featuring a special tasting of Bete Blanche Belgian Triple Beer which is normally reserved as a spring offering. The tapping of this particular cask of tasty goodness was all for a good cause as Elysian teamed up, once again with the Bailey-Boushay House, which provides services for people with HIV/AIDS and end of life care for patients with other afflictions. Bailey-Boushay House provides top notch care and other services that ensure those under their care are able to live as well as possible and are treated, above all, with dignity.

(Photo Credit: Mike Egan)

Speaking with Cammie Hanratty of Bailey-Boushay House, it is easy to understand why their reputation as a place of solace and refuge are so well earned. She is a passionate advocate for those who benefit from Bailey-Boushay House services. It is also clear that their staff are grateful for the partnership they have with Elysian Brewing and the benefit, not only of monetary support, but highlighting the work that the Bailey-Boushay House does that means so much to people under their care as well as the families.

(Photo Credit: Mike Egan)

Beth Goldfinger, Event Manager for Elysian, is rightly proud of the Capitol Hill Series releases, but there is clearly a special place in her heart for the Bailey-Boushay House benefit. She shows a clear, personal passion for organizing Elysian Brewing’s support for local charities and especially the Bailey-Boushay House.

(Photo Credit: Mike Egan)

When the time came to tap and sample the Bete Blanche, I was lucky enough to share the experience with Elysian co-founder and CEO Joe Bisacca. Joe was more than happy to share some personal experiences from the first time Bete Blanche was sampled several years ago, along with why Bailey-Boushay House is such an important charity to support.

(Photo Credit: Mike Egan)

The beer, of course, was fantastic and like Elysian describes, Bete Blanche is extremely drinkable, blonde and somewhat treacherous. Having a penchant for blondes myself, I quickly noted the light honey color, sweet citrus, hops, and spice. Although it was December, Bete Blanche would be fantastic on a hot day, perfect for lazy, late spring evenings spent daydreaming over Salish waters. But be forewarned, treachery awaits those who fall for the siren song of the Bete Blanche, for left to her own devices, she will own you.

(Photo Credit: Mike Egan)

Throughout the evening there was a phrase that was consistently repeated by many in attendance of the event, in relation to the Bailey-Boushay House and Elysian Brewing’s support thereof. A few moments into any conversation with any one of the participants and you would hear “something special,” uttered reverently and regularly.

“Something special” is no small turn of phrase when it comes to the work the Bailey-Boushay House does and the support that Elysian Brewing so passionately pledges.

(Photo Credit: Mike Egan)

Proceeds from the evening’s event went directly to the Bailey-Boushay House and it was great to see the Capitol Hill Elysian fully rocking with The Smokey Brights and plenty of Elysian fans out to celebrate the release of an awesome beer for a great cause.



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  1. Very well written and in support of two excellent businesses! Elysian always spearheading it’s enthusiasm, talent and love for the community in great ways. This time once again teaming up with an organization that lends a hand to all those in need in a wonderful way! Well done Mike Egan & great photos!

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