Imagine you are at the office, planning a meeting or conference and you need to feed the attendees. How does a warm breakfast sandwich and coffee sound?

(Photo Credit: McDonald’s)

Imagine you just got home after a long day of work, you open the fridge and you realized you forgot to go to the grocery store, and you reeeaaallllyyyy don’t feel like going back out into the world.  How does a Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad sound?

(Photo Credit: McDonald’s)

Imagine you are out with your friends at a party or a club and you just want someone to bring you some food! A Quarter Pounder with Cheese, please!

(Photo Credit: McDonald’s)

Fear not, Northwest! Earlier this year, McDonald’s partnered with UberEATS and introduced McDelivery! Originally, customers in the Seattle area discovered the new level of customer convenience, but now McDelivery has expanded to Boise, Missoula, Bozeman, and Spokane, and will continue to roll out in other markets through the end of the year!

Imagine now being able to enjoy your favorite McDonald’s menu items delivered right to your home, work or beyond through the UberEATS mobile app or!! Now you can have Egg McMuffins delivered to your office just in time for your meeting, a delicious salad delivered right to your front door, or even an order of burgers delivered to you and your friends as you are leaving the club on a Friday night (or let’s be honest – early Saturday morning)!

(Photo Credit: McDonald’s)

The process is simple: Download the UberEATS app on your smartphone, find McDonald’s and order your favorites. It’s one more way McDonald’s is raising the bar – along with self-service ordering kiosks, digital menu boards, and mobile order & pay – that McDonald’s is using new technology to make it easier and more convenient for customers to get their favorites on their schedules.

Check out McDelivery in your area today!

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