May 17, 2017 marked the second annual Battle of the Bands fundraiser for the Regional Arts and Cultural Council’s Work for Art Program. That sentence alone deserves explanation.

Work for Art is a program of the Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC) that raises money and awareness for local arts and culture organizations, primarily through workplace giving. RACC distributes all campaign proceeds to more than 100 local nonprofit organizations. It’s a pretty cool organization that does a lot of good for a lot of arts organizations. When I moved here to Portland in 2014, I got lucky and met a few folks from RACC and Work for Art, and the rest is history. For me, Work for Art presented my gateway to the city. Anyone who knows me knows of my sincere and deep passion for arts, music, and dance, hence this article and my involvement with Battle of the Bands. (you can read more here). In short, I wouldn’t know half of the people I do had it not been for Work for Art and RACC.

In sum, six local companies put together company bands to participate in the event. Our band elected to be an 80’s hair band cover band, and we named ourselves “Hair Nation” in honor of the greatest era of rock and roll, the 80’s glam era.


Photo courtesy of Hair Nation

We chose to play iconic songs such as Rock and Roll by Led Zeppelin, Panama by Van Halen, Sweet Child of Mine by Guns N’ Roses, Runnin’ With the Devil by Van Halen, and Nothin’ But a Good Time by Posion. We felt that those songs encapsulated our eclectic personalities and our desire to simply be the wildest and craziest band out there. I can unequivocally state that we achieved that. I even made a promo video to create some drama with one of other bands:) which can be viewed below. Be prepared to be wowed. As Steel Panther once noted, it’s a burden being wonderful like me.

Below is a picture of my royal entrance to the stage, after the band, of course.

Photo courtesy of Hair Nation

Through the night, six corporate bands played various genres of music, and every band did well. Each band’s performance presented something far unique than a simple ubiquitous cover band. Each band presented elements of various eras of music, but more importantly, the personalities and passions of each band’s members. To say that each band prepared well for the event is an understatement. One could easily tell the hours of preparation for the music, the choreography, and the theatrics to produce an entertaining show. We were all a little annoyed a Queen tribute band was a no show, but we all still had a fantastic time!

Check out the websites for RACC and Battle of the Bands for more information, and definitely check out the show next year!

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