On Friday, September 18, 2015, the Showbox SoDo and Shane Co. will host FASHION FIRST Seattle, benefiting the Inspire Youth Project and The Crescent Moon Foundation.

The Royal Treatment: ART INSTITUTE OF SEATTLE at FASHION FIRST, 2012 (Photo Credit: FASHION FIRST Seattle)
The Royal Treatment: ART INSTITUTE OF SEATTLE at FASHION FIRST, 2012. (Photo Credit: FASHION FIRST Seattle)

FASHION FIRST Seattle became an official non-profit foundation in 2012. Using independent retail as a platform, they work on charitable giving for children in the Pacific Northwest.  Their mission is to utilize the fashion show to promote and support Seattle retailers and designers while raising money for summer camp, education and personal growth programs for Seattle youth in need.

The Inspire Youth Project provides the missing social and emotional links for at-risk youth affected by HIV/AIDS, and children transitioning out of familiar environments and supportive communities.

(Photo Credit: Inspire Youth Project)
(Photo Credit: Inspire Youth Project)

Established by NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback, Warren Moon, the Crescent Moon Foundation is dedicated to providing support for educational pursuits that will benefit children most in need who have displayed a commitment to their community, as well as other charitable causes.

(Photo Credit: Crescent Moon Foundation)
(Photo Credit: Crescent Moon Foundation)

The fashion show begins at 8:00 p.m. and tickets can be purchased here.

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