Recap: 5th Annual Ravishing Women Show 2017

We are extremely excited to announce that the winners of Ms. Asia Washington along with Ms. India WA 2017 in Gold, Diamond and Platinum categories were selected at the recent Ravishing Women Festival 2017, held on September 16-17 2017.

This year event was unique in itself as not only we started calling it as a festival instead of show because it includes so many festivities to celebrate everything women, but it also marked in history launch of Ms. Asia WA.

(Photo Credit: Prabu Gunaraj)

The festival was attended by over 2,500 people originally from Cambodia, Africa, Japan, Philippines, Pakistan, India, Iran, Fiji, Bangladesh, Sri-Lanka, Russia, Iraq, United Arabs, and many more during the two-day event. Guests of honor included Washington State Senators, City Council members, City of Renton Mayor’s office, a Filmfare award winner, a celebrity poet, a lyricist from India along directors and winners of other International Pageants.

In addition to the attendees, the festival included vendors and performers from all over Washington, contestants, judges, directors, volunteers, technical crew, stage crew, videographers, photographers, live Facebook streaming companies, medical, business, real-estate, health booths, senior care representatives. The festival also included various kinds of cuisines, African, US and  Indian jewelry suppliers, artifact booths, and many international non-profits. There were also hundreds of performers (not including the pageant contestants) from all over Washington who showcased their diverse talents to entertain the audience. There was also a large booth that had handmade art from children in orphanages, that the director had flown from India to Seattle for the festival.

(Photo Credit: Prabu Gunaraj)

The event was widely covered by media and live streaming of the pageant was viewed by over 85,000 people. Views of pageant photos and videos crossed over 250,000 in various social media circles.

A member of the audience remarked, “I have been to over 20 city and state level competitions/pageants in last few years but Miss Asia Washington Miss India Washington has been the biggest beauty festival I have ever been to!”

The actual pageant was a celebration of womanhood, while giving complete respect to the role of a man in woman’s life, as many fathers, grandfathers, boyfriends, husbands were recognized for their support and love. The 27 contestant ranged in age from teen to mid-50’s. These brilliantly talented girls had created an unbelievable show. The contestant interviews were conducted at Microsoft headquarters. The talent round included a different set of distinguished judges who were highly established in entertainment and Pageant industry.  There were on-stage questions by judges, Western evening gown rounds, Ethnic Wear Rounds and Talent rounds. Contestant’s talents included, poetry readings, monologues, stand-up comedy, on-stage paintings, singing, musical instruments, dancing, slideshows about their life’s struggles and life-lessons through those slide shows and many more. Miss Wheelchair USA was also a part of judge’s panel, which was the most heartwarming part of this pageant for everyone.

(Photo Credit: Tyree Photography)

This is one of it’s own kind event and as the Founder & President of Ravishing Women, on behalf of entire Ravishing Team, I am extremely proud of its success and honor. Washington is known for celebrating diversity and inclusion. This event was also all about Rejoicing in humanity because I believe that “being human” is greater than any race, ethnic origin and color, religion and creed, sexual orientation, age or personal ability!

(Photo Credit: Prabu Gunaraj)

Ms. Asia Washington 2017 Winners

Ms. Asia Washington Gold 2017 Malena Vichara Chim from Cambodia
Ms. Asia Washington Diamond 2017 Sumedha Jagtiani From india
Ms. Asia Seattle Diamond 2017 Kiran Quadeer from Pakistan
Ms. Asia Washington Platinum 2017 Ley Dy Chim From Cambodia
Ms. Asia Seattle Platinum 2017 Debbie Ann Mascardo from Philippine

(Photo Credit: Prabu Gunaraj)

Ms. India WA 2017 Winners

Ms. India WA Gold 2017 Shree Saini
Ms. India WA Gold 1st Runner Up 2017 Sagrika Singh
Ms. India WA Gold 2nd Runner Up 2017 Neha Jantre
Ms.India WA Diamond 2017 Suruchi Tomar
Ms. India WA Diamond 1st Runner Up 2017 Chaitalee Zade
Ms. India WA Diamond 2nd Runner Up 2017 Tina Dayani.
Ms. India WA Platinum 2017 Sangeeta Mudnal
Ms. India WA Platinum 1st Runner Up 2017 Chandrayee Bhattacharyya
Ms. India WA Platinum 2nd Runner Up 2017 Sanchita Shahi
Miss Teen India WA 2017 Mehal Ashwin
Miss. Teen India WA 1st runner up 2017 Anika Mohan.
Ms. India WA Talent 2017 Shree Saini
Ms. India WA Talent 1st Runner Up Chaitalee Zade Chaudhari
Ms. India WA 2nd Runner up Shubha MP Prati
Ms. India WA Transformation 2017 Sakshi Sagoria
Ms. India WA People’s Choice 2017 Shree Saini
Ms. India WA Entrepreneur 2017 Anjali Nair
Ms. India WA Photogenic 2017 Simran Chadha
Ms. India WA Congeniality 2017 Vasudha Sharma
Ms. India WA Director’s Choice Award 2017 Smita Puthran



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